Tuesday, September 05, 2006

University of Texas Arrests under Mack Brown

September 2006 Longhorns Tarell Brown, Tyrell Gatewood, and former player Aaron Harris are arrested on drug charges.

May 2006 Former Texas running back Ramonce Taylor was arrested in Bell County on the charge of possession of marijuana. He is awaiting trial. Taylor had already been dropped from the team.

December 2005 Austin police investigated Longhorn players Cedric Griffin and Ramonce Taylor after an assault and robbery near Sixth St. on Dec. 10. The two players were not charged. Head coach Mack Brown said some players violated curfew and were disciplined.

October 2003 Cedric Benson was charged with criminal trespassing. Benson pleaded no contest and served his sentence.

May 2003 Four players, including Aaron Harris, Larry Dibbles and Selvin Young, were arrested for possession of marijuana. Those charges were later dropped.

January 2000 Four players, including Kwame Cavil and Aaron Humphrey were suspended from the team for violating unspecified team rules. Texas would lose the Cotton Bowl to Arkansas.