Friday, March 23, 2007

UH Football Player Arrested for Abuse

University of Hawaii football player Keenan Jones was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of felony abuse and kidnapping after a domestic disturbance at his Manoa apartment. The incident happened just hours after the defensive back was suspended from the football team for breaking team rules.
According to police, Jones and his live-in girlfriend got into a heated argument at their Dole street apartment which quickly escalated to physical confrontation. In a statement, the woman alleges Jones punched and kicked her and prevented her from leaving the couple's apartment.
The 21-year old is a junior-college transfer who was on the Warriors' roster last season but did not play.
UH coach June Jones declined comment on the situation until the investigation is complete.


Anonymous said...

I am KJ’s aunt and these last couple of days has just been the worst for our family. I am happy to report that he was RELEASED WITH NO CHARGES FILED. I have literally been physically sick since we got the news. I read the blogs everyday, and wear my UH football shirt to work every casual Friday! When he decided to go to UH we were all very happy that he would be able to grow and be a part of the rich, proud culture that you have. I felt compelled to write this to clarify some things. Here are some facts:
He was raised in a very loving, proud, caring, supportive, and Christian home. He was taught to be honest and respectful of everyone; he knows nothing of being a thug. Anyone who knows him can tell you that it is not his nature to be violent or abusive toward woman. While he is extremely aggressive on the football field, I have never known him to exhibit that behavior toward anyone off the field. Yes, he does have a bit of a temper and will have a temper tantrum that consists of puffing up his checks and sulking, yes, he is immature and at times you might say, why’d he do that? But abusive to woman he is not. He is a very loving, funny character that loves FOOTBALL and has since he was 4 years old. We have constantly warned him about possible traps and volatile situations that people will try to put him in but as with all life’s experiences, this time he had to find out on his own. Hopefully from this he will grow up and make more responsible judgment calls. Our advice to him is to be a man, keep his head up, be proud and work through this.

Thank you to all who have supported him and haven’t misjudged him. To those of you who have, I can respect that too! Just get the facts first.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well tell that to Mikey Henderson who had a concussion from an illegal helmet to helmet tackle. Mikey Henderson had to sit out the rest of the final game of his career. That was a cheap shot. And it was obvious to all of the viewers that he has a giantic chip on his shoulder.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well your bull dog linemen shoved colt to the ground in the beginning, BEFORE KEENAN LAYED THE SMACK DOWN, after the play was dead. Ya'll deserved a cheap shot right back. *wink* *wink*